Transmission & Clutch Repair

What is a transmission?
The transmission works in conjunction with your vehicle’s engine to deliver power to your vehicle’s wheels. It doesn’t matter if you have an automatic transmission or a manual transmission as transmission plays a significant role in the overall performance of your vehicle. Be sure to have it checked by a Denver Transmission Repair specialist at the first sign of problem.

What are the parts of a transmission?

A transmission/transaxle ensures the engine’s output is correctly matched to the speed and load conditions of your vehicle.

The torque converter is connected to the automatic transmission/transaxle input shaft.  It connects, multiplies and interrupts the transfer of engine torque into the transmission.

Universal joints and/or Constant Velocity (CV) joints attach to the driveshaft to transfer output power from the transmission to the rear axle on rear-wheel-drive cars or to the front axle on front-wheel-drive cars. These joints also permit the driveshaft and/or CV shaft to work at an angle.

The various types of automatic transmission fluids serve many purposes: from cleaning, cooling, and lubricating, to transmitting force and pressure, while inhibiting varnish buildup.  This has the effect of continually protecting the transmission. This is something that a trained Denver transmission repair technician can check for you.

Typical Wear and Tear
Wear and tear on the transmission can be influenced by:

  • Personal driving habits
  • Towing or excessive loads
  • Operating conditions
  • State of the transmission fluid
  • How often regular maintenance occurs
  • Weather and road conditions
  • stop and go traffic

Symptoms of transmission problems

  • Slipping
  • Hesitation
  • Bucking
  • Grinding gears
  • Difficulty shifting
  • smell in the vehicle's cabin
  • poor gas milage
  • cloudy transmission fluid

If you find your vehicle suffers from any of these, call us as soon as you can to book an appointment with one of our Denver Transmission Repair specialists. Your transmission is one of the most important parts of your vehicle, so don't trust just any mechanic to check and repair it for you.  Our Denver transmission repair technicians have years of experience and know what to look for when checking and repairing your transmission.

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