Oil Changes


What are filters and fluids?
The many filters found in your vehicle are designed to help ensure the longevity of your vehicle while helping maintain interior comfort. You can maximize the return on your vehicle by regularly inspecting and replacing filters.  Our Denver oil change specialists can do this for you.

What does the different filters do?
The oil filter is designed to trap contaminant which may be harmful to your vehicle’s engine.  This helps ensure the oil can flow freely through the engine.  a Denver oil change technician can check your oil filter for you.

The fuel filter removes harmful impurities which may cause problems with your vehicle’s carburetor or fuel injection system.

The air filter is designed to trap dirt particles, which can lead to damage to engine cylinders, walls, pistons and piston rings. This filter is also involved in keeping contaminants off the airflow sensor (in fuel-injected cars).

The cabin filter helps trap pollen, bacteria. Dust, and other fine particles that may find their way into your vehicle’s ventilation system.

Typical Wear and Tear
Filters are normal wear items that require regular checks and replacement. Factors that affect replacement intervals include:

  • Mileage
  • Driving habits
  • Driving and road conditions
  • Type of filter
  • Vehicle type
  • Age of vehicle
  • road conditions
  • weather conditions

Symptoms that your filters may need to be replaced:

  • Poor gas mileage
  • Hesitation while accelerating
  • Musty odor in the cabin
  • gasoline smell in vehicle cabin
  • burning more oil than normal
  • dark or dirty oil
  • leaking fluids

 To have your oil changed by our Denver Oil Change specialists call today!  Our Denver oil change can help extend the life of your vehicle.

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